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Resin bound driveways and paving have become very popular among residents and businesses in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex. These surfacing solutions involve blending aggregate stones with a transparent resin, which is subsequently applied onto a suitable foundation to achieve a resilient and sleek appearance.

Resin bound installers near Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex
Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex Resin bond driveway installers near me

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In Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex, a resin bound driveway sets itself apart from regular paving and concrete in terms of both durability and visual appeal. This remarkable material offers unparalleled versatility, allowing us at Forefront Paving to unleash our creativity and provide you with an array of design ideas. With our expertise, we can craft unique patterns and colours that seamlessly cover surfaces of any size. Resin bound driveways not only enhance functionality but also exude a beauty that withstands the test of time.

Benefit from Our Resin Driveways Expertise & Experience

When it comes to enhancing the kerb appeal and functionality of your property, Forefront Paving’s professional resin driveway paving offers numerous advantages. From durability to aesthetics, this modern surfacing solution has become a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Durability

Resin bound driveways are known for their exceptional durability. The combination of high-quality aggregates and a strong resin binder creates a surface that can withstand heavy traffic, resist cracking and fading and endure various weather conditions for years to come.

Low Maintenance

One of the major advantages of resin driveways is their low maintenance requirements. The smooth and seamless surface prevents the growth of weeds and occasional sweeping or power washing is usually sufficient to keep it clean and looking its best. This saves you time, effort and money on ongoing maintenance.

Versatile Design Options

With resin bound driveways, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity. The wide range of aggregate colours, sizes and blends allows for endless design possibilities. Whether you prefer a classic, contemporary or bespoke look, we can help bring your vision to life.

Seamless Installation

Hiring us for your resin driveway ensures a seamless installation process. Our experienced installers have the expertise and equipment to properly prepare the base, mix the resin and aggregates and achieve a smooth, even finish. This ensures optimal performance and longevity of your driveway.


Resin bound driveways offer excellent slip resistance, making them a safe option for both pedestrians and vehicles. The textured surface provides traction, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slippery conditions, such as rain or ice.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Resin bound driveways are an eco-friendly choice. The porous nature of the surface allows rainwater to drain naturally, preventing pooling and minimising the risk of flooding. This helps to manage surface water runoff and contributes to sustainable water management practices.

5 Years Warranty

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  • Trusted Resin experts near Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex
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